Chapter 2 - System requirements and installation


Required device

Bhajis Loops runs on any ARM-powered device running PalmOS© 5.0, and supporting the standard PalmSource Streaming sound APIs. It has been especially tested (and developped) on the Tungsten, Tréo and Zire series. High resolution is not required, however, Bhajis Loops will look better on a hi-res screen, especially when editing patterns.

Because it uses ARM native code, Bhajis Loops cannot run on the PalmOS© Simulator.

Bhajis Loops can open and save its songs or instruments on extension cards volumes, as well as read .WAV samples or .MID files from such cards. However, the presence of a slot / card is not required.

Bhajis Loops does not rely on extra libraries or databases and thus, is entirely contained in the .prc file you have downloaded! However, it is highly recommended to install sample packs to have a few basic samples to work on... A basic GM pack is provided with the application. You can get also the Microbe starter sample pack at this location.

Finally, If you own a NX/NZ/TG Clié, you'll need MCA2 installed.



The SynchroPoolp conduit allows you to backup your songs and render them as .wav file on your desktop computer. This extension is only available for Windows© operating systems (From Windows 98 to XP).

Please note that Bhajis Loops can also do "onboard" .wav rendering and .mid export directly on your Palm, provided you have enough space available on your memory card.


About the demo version

After several minutes of use, the demo version of Bhajis Loops stops playing sound - and doesn't allow you to change the name of your save files. Some extra features such as the SynchroPoolp are also disabled, and there are nag screens. Too bad... If you think that it is not fair, please register!

The built-in speaker is... well... erhh... lousy? Don't make any conclusion on Bhajis Loops before having listened to it with earphones, or, better, connected your Device to a stereo system or mixing desk - the sound quality is then excellent. Note also that on various devices, the built-in speaker only plays the left (or right) channel, so the pan control might behave as a volume control!


Installing Bhajis Loops

Installation on your PDA

  1. If you use a PalmOS 5.0 Clié without streaming sound (NX/NZ/TG), please download and install MCA2.
  2. Remove any older version of Bhajis Loops present on your handheld.
  3. Install the database Bhajis Loops.prc on your handheld. This is the main application database.
  4. If you want to install PioopiooPlayer, a free, redistribuable song player, install the following database: PiooPiooPlayer.prc.
  5. If you want to use AudX effect plugins, install all the databases in the plug-ins directory. Note that if you want to install the plug-ins on a memory card, you must install the files in the directory to /PALM/Programs/AudX/
  6. If you want to use a collection of standard GM-ready samples, install the databases GMinstruments and GMdrums, located in the GMBank directory.
  7. If you plan to install your application on the memory card and use the conduit, you will still need to install BhajisStub.prc in RAM. This program does not appear in the launcher.
  8. If you have removed an older registered version, you will have to register again using the same registration code, and possibly re-set the preferences of the program.

Files to install on the PC

Open the directory conduit and click on the conduit installer.bat icon. This will run a small script that will copy all the required files in the HotSync directory. Then, you can remove all the .exe and .dll files of the directory - they are safely copied in the HotSync directory.

SynchroPoolp.exe and SynchroPoolp.dll are the main conduit files. As for the other dll, they are PC versions of the plug-ins allowing you to render songs using plug-ins on the PC.

Finally, if you have WinAMP installed on your PC, you can copy the library in_bhajis.dll in your WinAMP plugin directory (usually, C:\Program Files\winamp\plugins). This plug-in will allow you to play Bhajis Loops songs on your PC!


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