Chapter 13 - Using pioopiooplayer!



Pioopiooplayer! is a freeware Bhajis Loops songs replayer.

You can redistribute it freely to let your friends or the whole planet listen to your tunes. So go give it!


User interface

The interface is quite straightforward. Position, volume, play, stop, previous, next, pause, here we go! Tap on the selector to display the playlist.

If you want to add a song to the list, tap on the Add... This brings the well-known song open dialog. Tap on remove to remove a song from the playlist (the song won't be removed from the card or from memory). Tap on the arrows to reorder the songs.

Note: The plug-ins used to create the song must be also installed along with the player. Since they are also freely redistribuable, this should not be a problem.


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