Chapter 12 - Installing and using the SynchroPoolp conduit


SynchroPoolp is a vegetarian pink poolpy specialized in the export and rendering of songs. It is integrated in Bhajis Loops as a pink dialog box, and on the desktop PC as a conduit. The SynchroPoolp is disabled in the non-registered versions.

This documentation only present the use of the conduit with Windows operating systems (From 98 to XP).

If you own a Mac, you can use the onboard export functions (Export MIDIfile and Render, both available in the Song menu of the arrange window) ; or refer to the documentation of SynchroPoolpX.


Installing the SynchroPoolp on a PC

Create a temporary directory, unzip in this directory the archive you have downloaded ; and double click on the conduit installer.bat icon. That's all! Now you can remove the temporary directory - the files have been safely copied to the HotSync directory.


Adding songs to the SynchroPoolp on the handheld

Tapping on the SynchroPoolp command in the menu of the arrange window opens the following pink dialog box:

All the songs to synchronize are listed in the middle of the screen. To remove a song from this list, select it and tap on the Remove button. To add a new song, tap on the Add Song button. It will popup the same dialog box as the Open song command. Files whose name contains an apostrophe character (') cannot be synchronized. You will have to rename them.

The popup list at the bottom lets you chose an action for the selected item. You can chose between :

When you tap on Done, Synchropoolp stores in memory and on the extension card a little script which will be used by the conduit. Don't delete this script.

Also, if you need to backup / render a song stored in RAM, keep in mind that you will have to perform the HotSync twice. Once to backup the file using the standard Palm backup conduit which is run after the other conduits ; and then to trigger the extraction and conversion of the module as well as its rendering. This problem will be solved in a future release...


And now...

If SynchroPoolp was successfully installed, and if you have added files for synchronization, during the next HotSync, you will see for a few seconds a SynchroPoolp icon in the tray bar.

Go to your user directory (Something like C:\Program Files\Palm\MyHotSyncName\). A SynchroPoolp directory has been created containing your bjm files and, if enabled, a .wav rendering.


About plugins

SynchroPoolp needs a PC version of the plug-ins used to compose the song. They must be stored as DLLs in the HotSync directory.


Setting options for the "MIDI / construction set" mode, and the MIDI export

The Export settings command lets you define which export settings will be used for the current song, when the MIDI / Construction set mode is used in the SynchroPoolp. These settings are also used when you directly export a MIDIfile from Bhajis Loops ; and are saved in the bjm file.

For each instrument (selected in the Instruments popup list), you can define:


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